Elgin Tractor Corp.

The Buda motor was replaced with a four-cylinder Rutenbur. The original 9-18 horsepower rating was raised to 10-20. In 1919, the Elgin was again redesigned, and power increased to 12-25 by use of a larger Erd motor.

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Waite Tractor Sales Company got into financial troubles in 1916. The company reorganized as Elgin Tractor Corporation and just got going again in 1917 when money troubles came up a second time. By mid-year, the company again reorganized and moved to Piqua, Ohio, Over at Piqua, things took a better turn. Picking corn with a mechanical picker was an unusual sight in those days, but it indicated the end of picking corn by hand, and few people were sorry about that. It seems Elgin Tractor Corp ceased production in 1920.


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