Ebert Tractor Co.

The Ebert was designed for use with various towed or semi-mounted implements. The drive wheels were forward, similar to the Moline Universal and other universal designs.

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Odd was the word to describe the 12-20 Ebert tractor announced in 1918. This was another outfit that never made it past the experimental stage Tractor designers in those days looked at every conceivable method of building the ultimate tractor, and a great many designs, such as this one, were so impractical that they made no impact on the market. Perhaps these far-out designs exemplify a remark of Thomas Edison. After making thousands of experiments on one of his projects with no success, he was asked if he was getting any closer to a solution. Edison replied that he thought he was since he already had found at least 10,000 ways that wouldn’t work.


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12-20 Ebert


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