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The 1912 Vaugn Gearless tractor’s overall design was similar to the Townsend built at Janesville, Wisconsin. The large tank at the front carried the cooling water and the entire engine was supported by a channel iron frame. The Vaughn Gearless also carried a unique gasoline engine. It was a two-cylinder affair that normally operated as a four-cycle engine, but when more power was needed it could be changed to operate as a two-cycle motor just by pulling a lever. Although pleasing in design, and full of innovative features, this machine seems to have gone little beyond the prototype stage.

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Eaton made a brief appearance in the tractor market with their “Vaughn Gearless” tractor of 1912, though they had already been in existence for a few years prior. F. E. Vaughn and J. W. Alkire bought out the previously established Eaton firm. By mid-1913, the venture failed and the assets and inventory were taken over by the newly organized Hoopeston Gas Engine Company in Hoopeston, Illinois.


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