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Eason-Wysong’s Autotractor Model No. 1 employed a single rear driver with chain and sprocket final drive. Borrowing from past experience, Eason built a second model in December 1905. It retained the three-wheel design except that two rear drivers were used, with a single front wheel. The same two-cycle engine was used in both machines. Model 2 was used throughout the summer of 1906 and proved to be quite successful. Both models were far ahead of their time. Eason built a somewhat larger machine, Model No. 3, in the fall of 1906.

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C.M. Eason, long known as “the man behind the gun” at Hyatt Roller Bearing Company, started on the ground floor in 1905 with the completion of Autotractor Model No. 1. Eason and his associate, Ansel Wysong, built this tractor in Meade County, Kansas. At the beginning of his tractor career, Eason owned a section of good Kansas land. After three years of tractor experiments, the land was tied up in the three tractors. Eason later commented that the experience gained from the effort was worth several times the cost of the land. A U.S. patent was granted to Eason and associate for the unit frame design of the Wallis tractor. This patent was then assigned to Wallis. Later on, Eason moved over to Hyatt and remained there for many years.


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