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The chassis of the “Klumb Model F” was of a rather unusual offset design with a cross-mounted engine. The cross mount design provided straight line gearing and simplified the machine. Although this tractor wasn’t successful, the Klumb, as well as many other tractors, took on a classic look that would help define the appearance of tractors in the future.

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Paul Klumb began the Klumb Engine & Machine Company in 1913 in Sheboygan Wisconsin. By 1918, the company’s big concern was manufacturing a 4,000 pound Model C 10-20 tractor. It can be assumed that Models A and B were also built, but this information has been lost over time. For unknown reasons, they moved to Dubuque Iowa and the name changed to Liberty Tractor Company. Perhaps because there were two other companies of the same name, within a few months their name again changed, this time to Dubuque Tractor & Truck Company. The “Klumb Model F” was introduced by Dubuque Tractor & Truck in 1920. It seems nothing is known of them after 1920.


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The Klumb Model F 16-32


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