Diamond Iron Works

Diamond entered their 40-70, 8 bottom plow outfit in the 1912 Winnipeg Demonstrations. For unknown reasons, the 40-70 did not place in the Winnipeg trials and was only marketed through 1913. The Diamond 20-36 tractor waws a smaller contemporary of the 40-70.

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Diamond Iron Works had been operating as engineers and machinists since 1900. When the company was incorporated in 1902, capitalization was set at $100,000. As late as 1911, Diamond was listed as a manufacturer of sawmill and power transmission machinery, but this tractor was entered in the 1912 Winnipeg demonstrations. Robert Valentine of Valentine Bros. Manufacturing Company was associated with Diamond as a draftsman, but his role in the design of the Diamon tractors remains unclear. In late 1914, Diamond Iron Works agreed to build the Lion tractor and had earlier built tractors for other companies. After the Lion tractor fizzled out, Diamond returned to its earlier role as engineers and machinists.


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