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The Wadsworth tractor, offered in 1914, used the well-known Detroit two-cycle engines, in sizes from 6 to 18 horsepower. At a time when most small tractor builders were beginning to borrow from automobile experience, the Wadsworth embodied features that were essentially the same as tractor builders had offered several years earlier. The front-mounted cooling, chain steering, and full canopy support this contention.

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Hugo Scherer and F. E. Wadsworth organized the Detroit Engine Works in the early 1900s. This company was formed to manufacture two-cycle engines for marine and agricultural use. Later they would produce a large number of products. Some of which included light tractors, and stationary engines. Detroit Engine Works developed a fine reputation as an engine builder by the time the 1914 “Wadsworth” tractor was offered. Little is known of the Wadsworth after 1914.


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