Denning Motor Implement Co.

Some of the first models used a two-cycle marine engine set into a three-wheeled chassis with one rear drive wheel. Eventually, four-cylinder, four-cycle engines were standard on all models. About 1913, a conventional four-wheel model appeared, and with some modifications remained the standard-bearer until the end of production.

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Joseph M. Denning began tractor experiments as early as 1908. On March 7, 1916, the Denning Wire & Fence Company changed its name to Denning Tractor Company. The competition from Fordson, Hart-Parr and other major builders became so stiff that by 1919, Denning’s tractors just couldn’t stay in the market. On May 20, 1919, Denning was forced to sell out to General Ordinance Company with headquarters in New York City. In 1922, this company also went into receivership.


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Denning Steel Clad Tractor


10-18 Model E


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