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Dayton-Dick entered the tractor business in 1916 with basically the same machine that had previously been built by Leader Engine Company. The 1917 Leader line included a remodeled 12-18 model. A Perfect radiator replaced the cooling tower, along with a lot of minor changes. Dayton-Dick also offered a 15-25 model. The 12-18 was built as late as 1921. Crawlers became a part of the Leader line in 1917. Dayton-Dick was a leader in adapting automotive components to their tractors, particularly the radiator and automotive-style front axle. A four to six plow tractor with two steering wheels and two drive tracks was offered by Dayton-Dick in 1919.

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Dayton-Dick was organized at Quincy, Illinois in 1915. The company was formed by the purchase of the Leader Engine Company of Detroit, Michigan, along with Dayton Foundry & Machine Company, and Hayton Pump Company, both of Quincy. Leader tractors appeared in various sizes, and a crawler model was added in 1917. In early 1919, the company name was changed to Dayton-Dowd Company, and the tractor line was expanded. As economic conditions worsened in the early 1920s, the leader tractor line grew smaller year by year. In 1924, the last year of production, only the Modle16-32 was offered.


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Leader Model N 16-32


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