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The Dart Blue “J” of 1920 was available in two sizes- a 12-25 and a 15-30 model. A water-type air cleaner was used; this was sometimes called an “air washer”.

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Charles W. Hellen and William Galloway purchased the Dart Manufacturing Company at Anderson, Indiana, and moved the plant to Waterloo, Iowa, in 1910. Mr. Hellen was in charge of the business, with Galloway involved as an executive officer. In 1914 the company was reorganized and incorporated as the Dart Motor Truck Company, and later the name was again changed to Dart Truck & Tractor Corporation. Presumably, the Dart firm folded when Galloway went broke in 1920, at least it is likely that Galloway was forced to liquidate his interests in the company. Some of the Galloway tractor production was probably done in the Dart plant.


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Dart Blue “J”


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