Clevland Tractor Co.

The original Cleveland Motor Plow was announced in 1917. “Geared to the Ground” was the slogan for this little outfit. This company designed an M2 High-Speed Tractor, called the Cletrac for the military in 1941. It was extensively used to move aircraft at Army airfields.

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Roland H. White and other individuals organized the Cleveland Motor Plow Company in 1917. White was already head of White Motor Company. The company’s name was soon changed to Cleveland Tractor Company. Between 1917 and 1944, Cleveland built some forty different “Cletrac” models. In 1944 the company was purchased by the Oliver Corporation. Oliver continued to build the Oliver Cletrac crawlers at Cleveland until they themselves were purchased by White Motors Corporation in 1960. At that time Celtrac operations were moved to Charles City, Iowa, and finally discontinued a few years later.


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