Chase Motor Truck Co.

Chase Motor Truck Company got an early start with a gas-powered tractor-roller in 1908. They brought out several models of minor importance after 1908, but in 1915, a 40 horsepower tractor emerged. In 1916 Chase came out with a three-wheeled tractor of conventional design. After 1918 a Buda engine was used, and it was then rated as a 9-18. This tractor was unique because it could turn in its own length by locking one rear wheel. before long, many tractors would have individual rear wheel brakes to assist in turning. For unknown reasons, the Chase firm reappeared in 1919 as Chase Tractors Corporate

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Chase Motor Truck Company was founded in 1907 by Aurin M. Chase, in Syracuse, New York. The company was a manufacturer of trucks and they were known for their air-cooled engines and simple design. They began the production of tractors in 1908. For unknown reasons, the Chase firm reappeared in 1919 as Chase Tractors Corporation, Ltd., of Toronto Ontario, and concurrently at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After 1921, Chase tractors disappeared from the market.


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Chase tractor-roller


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