Caterpillar Tractor Co.

Expanding markets in road construction, logging, and pipelaying, increasingly identified Caterpillar as an important manufacturer of earthmoving and construction machinery. Tractor scrapers, end loaders, and excavators were added through the years. The 28-ton, 320 horsepower D-9 crawler waws introduced in 1955.

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Caterpillar Tractor Company resulted from the 1925 merger of the Holt and Best interests. The first year of the merger saw sales of $13.8 million. The 1928 purchase of the Russell Grader Company of Minneapolis put Caterpillar into the motor grader business. Secrecy shrouded the experiments on a diesel engine that was mounted in a crawler tractor on October 26, 1930. In 1931, Caterpillar became the first company to offer a crawler tractor powered by a diesel engine. Today, Caterpillar offers more than 300 products and over 4 million products at work around the world.


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