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An application for the Farmobile claims first use in January of 1902. The Farmobile was specifically for an “agricultural cable power wagon”. It would seem that despite many years of development, none of Eastman’s efforts ever met with success. Though the Eastman Cable Tractor appeared in 1911, there is no indication that it ever got past the prototype stage.

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C.J. Eastman presented his version of the ideal tractor in 1911. Called the Eastman Cable tractor, it was apparently a throw-back to the European practice of stationing one of these units at each end of the field and pulling a plow or other implement across the field by means of a steel cable. Occasionally the job was done with only one unit, using a series of pulleys to move the plow back and forth across the field. this method was slow and cumbersome, and while it was better suited to the smaller fields commonly found in Europe, the arrangement was totally unsatisfactory on the American prairies. There is an illustration and a reference in a 1911 issue of Gas Power Magazine, but little else is known of this tractor.


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Eastman Cable Tractor


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