C.H.A. Dissinger & Bros. Co.

Dissinger’s 1905 tractor culminated the efforts of many years since brothers had gotten into the gas and engine business on the ground floor. A unique feature of their Capital model, marketed in the early 1900s was that it featured two forward speeds. That was an unheard-of idea in those days. It was available in sizes from 16-60 horsepower. A unique feature of the 1911 Capital was that it was mounted on springs and pulled on springs. It was available for several years since it was listed in four different sizes as late as 1920.

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The Dissinger brothers are thought to have started their own company in 1892. As boys, they apprenticed with Schleicher, Schumm & Company at Philadelphia. This firm brought the first Otto engines to the United States. Their first successful gas traction, the “Capital” was not shown until the 1900-1904 period. The 1911 40-80 Capital was possibly the highest-priced tractor on the market.


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