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Bullock revamped the old Creeping Grip tractor that had been built by Western Implement. In 1914, the 30-20 “Baby Creeper” came out. Placing the engine on top of the tracks provided greater traction. A tubular radiator was mounted ahead of the engine. The operator’s platform was nonexistent, requiring the operator to be seated at all times. A full canopy and roll-down side curtains added the finishing touch. Some of the features of the Baby Creeper were covered by the patent. The “Creeping Grip” 12-20 displaced the Baby Creeper in 1916. The front tiller wheel was eliminated, and by use of steering brakes, this tractor could turn in a radius of 10 feet. In 1920, it was re-rated as a 15-25. Bullock modified the Creeping Grip with a front-mounted winch and gave it a still higher 18-30 horsepower rating in 1920.

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The Bullock Tractor Company was organized from the shambles of the bankrupt Western Implement & Motor Company at Davenport, Iowa. Western Implement had gone into the tractor business in a big way, and after several reorganizations, took bankruptcy in 1913. The heaviest loser was H.E. Bullock of Chicago. He purchased $75,000 of preferred stock and had loaned the company $16,000, receiving the patent rights for the Creeping Grip tractor as security. The catch was that Western Implement did not actually own the patents in the first place. Finally, the court-appointed receiver accepted Bullock’s offer of $16,500 for the assets of the company. The manufacturing machinery was subsequently moved to Chicago and the Bullock Tractor Company was born. in 1920, Bullock merged with the Franklin Flexible Tractor Company at Greenville, Ohio, and the new firm was known as Franklin-Bullock Tractor Company.


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