Arthurdale Farm Equipment Corp.

The Co-Op tractors were originally built by Duplex Machinery Company, Battle Creek, Michigan. Duplex sent one of their Co-op No. 2 tractors to Nebraska in 1936, and the results were given in Test No. 275. After Duplex operated for a year or so, the company name was changed to Co-operative Machinery Company, but the 1940 tractor directories list the Arthurdale people as the manufacturer. Shortly after that, the Second World war started and that about ended the Co-op tractor.

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Arthurdale Farm Equipment Corporation was formally organized in June 1930. Its purpose was to manufacture, assemble, distribute, and sell agricultural machinery, equipment, and tools of all kinds. In 1938 they agreed to a Co-Operative Manufacturing Company’s proposal for a tractor factory and made an agreement with American Co-operative, Inc, to manage, supervise and direct all the operations of the factory,


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