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Adams offered its solution to the tractor problem with the “Little Traction Gear” produced for several years, beginning about 1910. It consisted of complete running gear and attachments, with the buyer putting on his own engine. Three sizes were offered- the No. 0 for engines of 9 H.P. and less; the No 1 for engines of 13 H.P and less; the No. 2 for 20 H.P. or smaller engines. This design was covered by Patent 1,118.835 issued in 1915. If nothing else, this rig made it a lot easier to belt up for the corn shelling, grinding, and other farm duties. Unfortunately, small lightweight engine designs were gaining ground, and the heavy stationary engine was soon abandoned in the grove or the junkyard.

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The Adams Husker Company began around 1910 in Marysville, Ohio. The company began withe the “Little Traction Gear” which consisted of a tractor chassis that allowed buyers to mount any stationary engine to. Production ended around 1920.


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