Acme Harvesting Machine Co.

The Acme 12-25 was listed during 1918 and 1919. This wheel-type tractor weighed in at 6,000 pounds. The drivers were 54 inches in diameter with a 12-inch face. A Beaver engine was used, with four cylinders of 4 1/2 inch bore and 6-inch stroke, cast en bloc. The K-W high tension magneto added a touch of elegance. Acme had a unique arrangement for converting back and forth from wheels to tracks. In all other respects, this was an identical model to the wheel-type tractor. In fact, the gearing arrangement was such that identical ground speeds could be maintained whether on wheel or tracks. Unfortunately, Acme marketed an otherwise good machine at a time when enclosed gearing and unit frame designs were stealing the market. As a result, Acme’s efforts at tractor building were cut off far short of success.

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Acme Harvesting Machine Co.was originally incorporated in West Virginia in 1908. The company’s president was P.D. Middlekauff and the treasurer was P.P. Cooley. Its plant was located in Peoria, IL. The company was first established in 1859 to manufacture and sell harvesting machinery, including binders, mowers, rakes, and headers. They started making their 12-25 tractors around 1918, and their half-track crawler was a conversion of the wheel tractor.


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