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First marketed in May 1908, Abenaque’s 15 horsepower model weighed in at 11,000 pounds-over 733 pounds per horsepower. The 15 horsepower model had a bore of 8 5/8 inches and a 12 1/2 inch stroke, developing its rated power at 270 RPM. A 1911 advertisement showed great refinement over the original 1908 Abenaque tractor. Most obvious were the greatly strengthened rear wheels along with an improved operator’s platform and the addition of a seat. Abenaque built a lot of quality into this tractor. It featured three forward speeds, a reverse, and sliding gear transmission. Steel gears were used for greater strength. The canopy on this model was typical of most tractors of the period. In spite of its qualities, the geographical location of the company must have been a hindrance to widespread acceptance and distribution.

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Abenaque’s first 15 horsepower model was marketed in May 1908. The husky chassis carried a stationary-type engine that had been patented by John A. Ostenburg. Abenaque engines and tractors used a very unique and obvious evaporative cooling system. A 25 horsepower model was also offered. The company was owned by Mr. Colgate, and later by his son, Gilbert. The plant employed about 15 people. When Gilbert Colgate took over, he tried to modernize the plant, but soon went out of business, probably about 1916. The company then moved to Marlborough, N.H., and then only made parts.


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