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Our team has worked to compile a database for vintage iron as an easy resource to learn and enjoy. We have worked to create an easily navigated database, so you have those quick specs and information at your fingertips. It is still growing, and we want to make it the most accurate database possible. That is why we are looking for help from the community to help it grow! If you have photos, history, specs, literature, or any other relevant content, please contribute below and help us continue to build this world of vintage iron.

We would like to dedicate this page to the memory of C.H. Wendel. We have created the Old Iron Garage with his spirit in mind–a desire to collect and share knowledge for the next generation of historians and hobbyists–and we are thankful that his family has allowed us to digitize and preserve his research for all old iron enthusiasts.  Our research bank is filled with information from C.H. Wendel and we are grateful we have been able to create a digital database to preserve and share his information for years to come.

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The Old Iron Database is community driven and growing. If you have photos, literature, history, specs, or additional content to share, we invite you to submit using the contibute form and help us build this new world of vintage iron!